ADNI RIS is a Complete System for Radiological Center Resources Administration
an image Appointment processing is very simple for the operator, colors indicate availability and popup windows facilitate data entry.
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Information like which doctor carries out a specific practice, or if only this practice is allowed in the day, or the order is readily available to the operator that needs not rely on her/his memory. The assignment of more than one practice is made easy by ADNI RIS assistance that takes care of conveniently scheduling them the same day and with close times.
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The admission window allows following the status of practices over the whole process facilitating the visualization by means of colors.

Patient's document can be scanned for later visualization where needed..

an image Collect extra payments not covered by the patient's medical health plan by issuing invoices or integrating to a billing system.
an image ADNI RIS can keep audio recordings associated to the reports and this feature is integral to the system, not an external program.

A Color indicates if a practice has an associated audio recording so that the practitioner can proceed to do the transcription.
Another color will show additional information was added to the practice, useful for medical residents.

an image A modality report database avoids repeatedly typing the same concepts and autotext is also available. Previous reports can be consulted and PACS viewers can be launched from here. The report system is configurable and supports different presentation formats while keeping them in the database for later investigation.
an image The audio playback is integrated allowing the autodictate with configurable times or the use of pedals.
an image Billing configuration and procedure assignment to each medical insurance company is easy and massive so as to speed up the task.
an image Practices values can be modified in a singular way or applying percentages to the selected group.
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Medical Insurance invoicing is very simple and allows the temporary exclusion of practices in order to expedite the submittal leaving pending ones for later monitoring.

Groups of practices can be left in preparation status for later invoicing.

an image You can preview the invoice and edit its values if it is necessary.
an image In State of Collections you can monitor the state of the invoices.
an image In Reports per Period you can see statistics on quantity of practices for modalities, values, payments and other specific values.
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Control Board shows statistics of most important times , wait, in study and report time.

This allows to know where some bottle neck takes place for its correction.

If ADNI Worklist is used, most of these times are marked automatically without intervention of the operator.

an image Register Practices defines times, required and optional materials that were discounted automatically from the stock, certain specific doctor attention as well as restrictions like Excluding for that day or first in order, warnings, etc.
an image The resources are easily configurable in periods and days and specific hours.
ADNI RIS can work through a WAN without losing its features.
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