ADNI REC is a Digital Audio Recorder that can play in a standard way or in distributed environment.
an image With ADNI REC you can record and play audio files from different sites.
  • Transcribing Companies : Connect to your customers and remotelly procced.
  • Doctors:Easily report from different Clinics without traveling.
an image ADNI REC is easy to use, it has the same buttons as the standard tape or digital recording device and it can be handled with the feet using pedals.
an image One of the feature allows you leave some records pending and continue then later.
an image With different colors ADNI REC shows the status of the audio records so, avoid the possibiity of duplicate typing from a single document.

It is also possible sort and select records acording to the modality source or status.

The playback time is configurable in three different levels  In any case, the playback buttons or pedals are even available.

an image Frecuent used texts can be saved in order to convert into "predefined".
ADNI REC is easy to configure in a network enviroment.
an image Different types of outputs allows ADNI REC to integrate virtually with any system.
an image
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USD 210

One year free email support.