Millons of Images !!!
Zero Knowledge base !!!

In most of the RIS or PACS you have millions of images that can sort by different values but you can search for specific words of the diagnostic.
an image Don't waste an important knowledge base for comparisons and analysis.
an image ADNI DICoogle allows to look for words in the reports, like in the traditional searchers, and to bring the images that match with such reports ordering them for quantity of coincidences of words. You can load additional filters values of the studies of images,like modality, sex, etc.
an image The series of images can be viewed and selected for a later study in a screen designed for this purpose.
an image
ADNI DICoogle can be added to HIS/RIS systems that have
PACS or miniPACS and configures it in a way of taking
information of reports and images and to generate a powerful knowledge base.